Myron quit gambling after he lost over a thousand dollars

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Myron quit gambling after he lost over a thousand dollars betting on horse races. This best illustrates the effects of A) negative reinforcers. B) generalization. C) spontaneous recovery. D) punishment.

A Couple Thousand Dollars At Stake, But He Kept... - World… After the shaky approach, she hit the ground and for a second looked like he was going to lose her. Thankfully, he recovered after that bounce and everything was good. All in all, we love the plane and the man’s piloting abilities. Two Boy Gold Miners: or, Lost in the Mountains (Frank… I lost over a thousand dollars before I had sense enough to quit." "Oh, then you stopped in time. I'm glad to hear that," said the farmer."Five thousand dollars!" murmured Mr. Crosby, to whom such a sum seemed a large fortune. "Yes. Oh, we didn't think much of that amount in the West. San Diego Ex-Mayor Confronts $1 Billion Gambling

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